COCKSPARRER: "Running Riot 84" LP

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It makes perfect sense binding Sparrer's second full length here with their first well known, good quality live recording, captured shortly afterwards. A three color screenprinted Obi-Strip wraps around both jackets. Both titles are comprised of remastered cuts, and together give you a vivid taste of the band's tumultuous (yet fruitful) early eighties. We're also offering RR84 on its own in the same deluxe packaging as is included with the ESSENTIALS boxset, for all those seeking the highest quality version of this record ever produced.

Running Riot 84 
First Pressing 
- 12" Black Vinyl [385pcs.]
- 12" Cyan Blue Vinyl [275pcs. - SOLD OUT]
- 12" Oxblood & Cyan Blue AsideBside Vinyl [440pcs. - SOLD OUT]
- 12" Clear Vinyl [110pcs. - SOLD OUT]

Second Pressing
- 12" Black, White, & Silver Tri-Color Vinyl [500pcs. - SOLD OUT] 

Third Pressing
- 12" Piss Yellow w/ Black Circle Swatches & White & Black Splatter Vinyl [500pcs.]
- 12" Black Inside White Inside Piss Yellow Tri-Color Color-In-Color Vinyl [500pcs.]

Live N Loud
First Pressing 
- 12" Blood Red Vinyl [385pcs.]
- 12" Oxblood & Cyan Blue AsideBside Vinyl [440pcs.]
- 12" Clear Vinyl [110pcs.]
- 12" Ultra Clear w/ Oxblood, Cyan Blue, White,
   Blood Red, Gold, & Silver Splatter Vinyl [275pcs.]

Second Pressing
- 12" "Nuclear" White & Blood Red (4 Slices) Vinyl [500pcs.]

Third Pressing
- 12" White w/ Blood Red Circle Swatches w/ Blood Red & Black Splatter Vinyl [500pcs.]
- 12" Black Inside White Inside Blood Red Color-In-Color-In-Color Vinyl [500pcs.]

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