BLIND PIGS - "Sentinal Dos Mares" 7"

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Formed in 1993 in São Paulo, Blind Pigs have become Brazil's biggest punk band, and are now releasing new music for the special occasion. The legendary streetpunk band has risen from the ashes to celebrate their 20 year friendship and devotion to the São Paulo scene, they have released a NEW 7" called "Sentinal Dos Mares." Over the last 20 years, Blind Pigs have solidified themselves as frontrunners of the Oi punk scene and this new 7" shows the band has not lost a step along the way.

Track list:

Side A:
1. Sentinao Dos Mares

Side B:
2. Uniao

200pcs - Blood Red and White Striped Vinyl
50pcs - Black Vinyl (SOLD OUT)

  • Model: PPR089


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