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"Svět už je jinak"
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Cirguz is four guys from a small town in the Czech Republic, with a lot of talent, and some great influences – bringing together pure punk rock, streetpunk and good old fashioned rock 'n' roll! CIRGUZ was founded in 2006, and has released four CD’s, two split-records, two seven-inches and a contributed to a slew of compilation and tribute albums. Their live show is as powerful, energetic and memorable as old memories of the The Explosion, Street Brats, or the Briefs - Just in CZECH!

The second 7”, released by Pirates Press Records in 2013, really introduced this small town band to a much bigger crowd, and at the same time introduced people all over the world to a vibrant Czech punk scene.

This album is clearly their masterpiece, and will most likely their final record ever. After ten very active years in the Czech scene, playing alongside Stiff Little Fingers, H2O, Sham69, Suede Razors, The Generators, Get Dead, Downtown Struts, Hudson Falcons, River City Rebels, Radio Dead Ones and many more, the group has decided to take a break, and allow various member to pursue some of their other musical endeavors.  Cirguz no doubt still believes in the energy of the punk rock scene; they thrive on live, fast and wild shows - and will unquestionably see you in the pit, in some form, someday.

For now, this fantastic record will have to be enough to carry you over…

2.Další Den
4.Svět už je jinak
5.Tak zas zejtra
6.Zejtra je mi třicet
7.Jak Limo Kid přišel o střízlivost
8.Moje tělo svírá křeč
9.Zbytky slávy
10.Nikdy znova

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