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What started in '06 with four friends studio-bound to lay down the soundtrack for the Incredibly Strange Wrestling movie "El Presidente" found itself fueling a revived interest in getting back on the road and continuing to write and play! In the vain of THE BOYS or the BUZZCOCKS with an undeniable (and expected) SWINGIN' UTTERS and ONE MAN ARMY-esqe backbone.

Having been fortunate enough time and time again to travel the world playing their music, Spike (SWINGIN' UTTERS, ME FIRST & THE GIMME GIMMES), Darius (SWINGIN' UTTERS), Jack (ONE MAN ARMY, DEAD TO ME) and Paul (BOTTLES AND SKULLS) re-discovered and reinvigorated that passion once again in '08 with the Re-Volts!!

01. Piles
02. Scales
03. Remains
04. Kick It Over
05. Bridge & Tunnel
06. Runner

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