RAZORCUT: "Rise Again" 12" Gatefold

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After various compilation appearances, a 7" EP's and a 10" EP, Australia's RAZORCUT are ready to release their first ever full-length album.  And "Rise Again" is arguably one of the best streetpunk albums that will be produced this year!

Yes, it's still early in 2015, but when something is good... it is good.  And in this case it is superb when it comes down to Al's strong and unique vocals along with Doz's great background vocals and the powerful choruses, sublime song structure and crackin' good melodies!  Songs like "Your Enemy", "Just Another Day", "Who Are You?" or "Another Rich Man" make "Rise Again" an absolute must-hear if you are into RazorCut's earlier work, Marching Orders or just top of the crop Oi! and streetpunk in general!

Don't miss out on this deluxe first edition gatefold pressing and get your copy now!!

On limited edition colour vinyl & includes a free digital download.

A1 - Razorcut
A2 - Fighting Spirit
A3 - Your Enemy
A4 - Live To Fight Another Day
A5 - Just Another Day
A6 - Fight For More

B1 - Who Are You?
B2 - At The Bar Tonight
B3 - Another Rich Man
B4 - Rise Again
B5 - Raise Our Glasses


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