SUBWAY THUGS - "Your Path" 7"

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This is the long ‘lost’ 7” from this legendary Canadian skinhead band who were prominent in the late 90’s, at the forefront of an Oi! and streetpunk revival. Having released three 7” EPs and a split 12” LP as well as appearing on numerous compilations, there was also a split 7” EP to be released that never saw the light of day… The songs from that EP are what appear, for the first time ever, on this extremely limited pressing of 300!

This is a vital documentation of contemporary skinhead and Oi! music as members of Subway Thugs went on to be part of EMERGENCY, SYDNEY DUCKS and BISHOPS GREEN.  Be sure to get your copy now!!

Side A:
"Your Path"

Side B:
"We Are The Few"

200pcs. - Orange Vinyl
100pcs. - Black Vinyl

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