THE STRIKE / THE BETRAYED: "Skins & Punks Volume 2" 12" LP

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This is perhaps the BEST of this classic series of split 12”s that had been originally compiled by Roddy Moreno of THE OPPRESSED and released on his Oi! Records label in the 80’s.  Volume 2 features THE STRIKE and THE BETRAYED, which are 2 bands that never got the critical acclaim that they deserved in the halcyon days of English punk and Oi!  Thankfully this is being re-issued again and on vinyl no less which is good news for fans of THE STRIKE as the CD version of this which is readily available did not include THE STRIKE for some reason that I can’t recall…  Regardless, this is quintessential for ANY fans of original English Oi! and punk…

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A1 - When The War Is Over
A2 - Alien
A3 - Agony Of A Nation
A4 - Action Man
A5 - Hungry Gun
A6 - Mania
A7 - Cry Of The Youth

B1 - United Oi!
B2 - Revenge
B3 - Clockwork Testament
B4 - Knocking Down A Nation
B5 - Backlash
B6 - Vicious Rumours
B7 - 1916 (The Somme)

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