OFF WITH THEIR HEADS "Hospitals" / "I Will Follow You" BUNDLE

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We are bundling Off With Their Heads' 10th Anniversary edition of "Hospitals" and the "I Will Follow You" shaped picture disc!

"All of these LP covers for 'Hospitals' were hand screened and cut by Ryan. Not a single one of them is perfect. That was the intention. To give something that is completely unique with some "dirge" to it. If this is something that would bother you, please don't order this edition of Hospitals."

"I Will Follow You” is a pinnacle example of OFF WITH THEIR HEADS at their finest, in the studio and live, showcased amazingly by a totally unique, eye-catching and collectable format.

Along with a well recorded and passionate live track from our Pirates Press 5th Anniversary show in SF, this shaped picture disc highlights one original and two cover songs recorded just prior to the recording of their full length “In Desolation” on Epitaph Records.

TRACK LISTING: ("Hospitals")
A Side:
1. Die Today
2. Theme Song
3. S.O.S.
4. Your Child is Dead
5. Idiot

B Side:
1. Hard to Admit
2. Heroin in NYC
3. Jackie Lee

TRACK LIST: ("I Will Follow You")
A Side:
01. I Will Follow You

B Side:
02. Drain / East River Park (Cleveland Bound Death Sentence)
03. Janie (Live at the Great American Music Hall, San Francisco - Nov 14th, 2009)

200pcs. - 12" Doublemint Vinyl
500pcs. - 12" Blood Vinyl
500pcs. - 12" White Vinyl

  • Model: AA009 / PPR025


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