ARGY BARGY: "The Likes Of Us"

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Featuring the limited edition single "No Regrets” this 2008 release was the Bargy boys third full length album (three and half if you count the split "100% Thug Rock”) and it is viewed by many as the band at their very best. The Oi! album favourite "My Life” is given a re-work whilst "Lights Over London” has become a confirmed Oi! classic. Each album has raised the bar and if anyone wants to take the Watford boys crown then they’d better come up with something really special.

Side A:
1. Your Time Will Come
2. Lights Over London
3. There's Gonna Be A Riot
4. No Regrets
5. Right To Fight
6. I Believe

Side B:
1. My Life
2. No News Is Good News
3. I'll Be There For You
4. Don't Wanna Be Like You
5. Can't Take It Anymore
6. The Likes Of Us

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