Johnny Rioux: "CowbOi!" 12" LP

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Johnny Rioux, of STREET DOGS and THE BRUISERS fame, presents a collection of cover songs courtesy of RANDALE RECORDS!

01. Working [Cock Sparrer cover]
02. If The Kids Are United [Sham 69 cover]
03. Voice Of Generation [Blitz cover]
04. Someones Gonna Die [Blitz cover]
05. Societies Fools [The Bruisers cover]
06. Crucified [Iron Cross cover]
07. A.C.A.B. [The 4 Skins cover]
08. Oi! Oi! Oi! [Cockney Rejects cover]
09. Police Oppression [Angelic Upstarts cover]
10. Evil In Brain [Blood For Blood cover]

  • Model: RAN153


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