THE OLD FIRM CASUALS - "For The Love Of It All" 12" LP

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Back in late 2010, we started talking to Lars, Casey and Paul about their new band "The Old Firm Casuals". On April 22nd 2011, we released their debut EP here on Oi! the Boat and they've been recording and playing shows in the US and Europe relentlessly ever since.

In this time they've managed to write and record enough awesome songs to fill a very strong and cohesive double LP. All their singles, save their debut ep, were pulled from the collection that are presented here between the covers of this gatefold LP. It is a collection of all the songs from all the EPs except the debut!!

1. We Want The Lion's Share
2. The Rabble
3. Army Of One
4. A Gang Like Us
5. We Don't Bury Our Dead
6. Ignorant Ones
7. The Wire
8. Skinhead
9. Bloodsucker
10. We're All Gonna Die
11. You Better Start Runnin'
12. I Remain
13. Violence In Our Minds
14. Public Enemy
15. Death Dealers
16. Red White-N-Blue
17. Love Street Kid
18. Rat Race
19. D.M.D.P.
20. Born Criminal
21. Gag Order
22. Don't Worry About Me
23. March On
24. For The Love Of It All.....

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